Abzan ControlEdit

Abzan Control is normally a tri-colored deck consisting of White, Black, and Green. It's objectives are either to win the game early, or control the opponent enough to make it to the late game, where this deck really shines. When you are playing this deck, one of your goals is to make the opponent focus more on your board, then your actual life total. The key card of this deck, which is in 99% of this deck, is the Siege Rhino. It is so important because of the fact that it is beefy, and is extremely cheap to cast being a 4/5 for 4. It is currently very high in the metagame, probably being one of the most used decks currently.

Players Who Use this DeckEdit

Dave Dixon - An unknown player, who I have never heard of until SCG Open Series: Chicago 2015

Phil Silberman - A Fairly decent player, who has made top 8's before.

Danny Jessup - An Extremely good Player, Well known in the game.